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Fashion Brand Consulting

We look at a complete brand review and aim at giving advice on brand strategy and positioning from store design to merchandising strategies to catalogue and packaging design, our aim is to give each brand a true identity.

Fashion Show Styling

This includes styling for runway productions, fashion events to private boutique trunk shows and smaller presentations. We look at overall style execution from models to hair and makeup selection to the show theme and concept.

Style Consultation 

Your appearance speaks volumes about you and your personality. A personalized consultation session is best to discover the cuts, silhouettes, colors, accessories that suit your body type and lifestyle. They should be an extension of your personality and not over power you. A lot of facilities are also available as an extension to the consultation; we could make wardrobe adjustments and recommendations, assist you on your shopping trips to pick the best. It is of utmost importance to stay at par with the evolving trends and reevaluate your style from time to time to look a diva.

Wardrobe Renovation

It all starts with analyzing your lifestyle, color, silhouette preference, and budget. This will help us tailor your everyday needs while emphasizing on comfort and restoring your unique personality. We evaluate your wardrobe, toss out the unwanted pieces, reorganize the rest and thereafter, determine the chic staples to be added for exhilarating your closet. We will also be guiding you on how you can wear a piece differently every time and make it seem new. To help you in the rush times, we will also be including a photographed lookbook. This will have pre-styled head to toe looks for you for various occasions.

Event Makeover

 "Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. – Coco Chanel"

Looking to find the perfect dress for the ‘It’ event of the year? You have come to the right place! We will help you get that gorgeous outfit and make it a knock out by coordinating your look head to toe. Your shoes, bag, jewelry, hair and make-up everything styled to perfection.